Antiviral and antibacterial sanitisation services for Public Transport – vehicles and facilities

Public Transport operators have long understood the necessity to regularly sanitise their high-traffic environments.

Now more than ever, it is essential for public transit systems to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness possible in order to meet the challenges of a post-Coronavirus world.

Purifyz are here to help.

We offer antiviral and antibacterial sanitisation services for public transport vehicles and facilities throughout the London, Northampton and Milton Keynes areas.

Our process is straightforward. A Purifyz Sanitisation Technician will arrive at the time of your choice and in less than 90 minutes will leave having taken away as much as 99.999% of virus-causing bacteria and germs in the vicinity.

In that short time we will thoroughly sanitise the area using non-toxic, non-hazardous antiviral fogging and UV light treatments. The materials we use, explained in the more detail on our Sanitisation Process page, are safe for public transport technology, computers and other technical equipment.

There is further information about our end-to-end process found on other sections of our website. For more on the specifics of the antiviral sanitisation service we offer, visit the ‘How It Works’ section. You may already have a good understanding of how germs and viruses spread via contaminated surfaces, but for those new to the world of coronaviruses we have a The Science of Viruses page. To learn more about the testing process we employ to ensure your surfaces are effectively sanitised, visit our Testing Process page.

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Purifyz are here to support London’s Public Transport operators in their antiviral and antibacterial sanitisation requirements.

Booking an immediate antiviral sanitisation service is very straightforward with us as well, simply fill in a short enquiry form and we will be in touch shortly.

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Our decontamination process uses non-toxic, non-hazardous antiviral fogging and UV light treatments that reduce germ and virus particulates by 99.999%, and are completely safe for children, pets, computers and other equipment. 

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