With over 30 years’ cleaning experience, we understand the value and peace of mind that a sanitised environment brings our clients.
If you are concerned about virus and germs, we encourage you to fill out the form below to set up a conversation with a Purifyz representative. Together we will discuss our end-to-end process of antiviral sanitisation.
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For more details on the process head to the How it works section of the website. For any remaining questions refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below or set up a conversation and we’ll talk through the rest.

This service is provided by professional Sanitisation Technicians who use industry-approved PPE such as masks, gloves, glasses & HazMat suits.

Yes. The treatment uses a certified antiviral product that eliminates bacteria, germs, and fungi. It is non-toxic and 100% safe for domestic use.

Yes. After a resting period of 15 minutes after completion of the service your premises are completely safe for your pets.

No. We use UV light treatments on delicate and high touch areas such as light switches, door handles and on plug sockets where antiviral fogging is not appropriate.

We use BS EN 1276 certified virucides. This means that they have been lab-tested against a wide variety of germs and proven to destroy 99.999% of pathogens found on surfaces. To answer the question directly – yes – to 99.999% as is normal with consumer anti-bacterial soaps and detergents.

Immediately after an Antiviral Sanitisation service we test your surfaces to indicate their level of cleanliness. We then send you a formal report via email. Testing is included in the service price.

A standard antiviral service call out, including post-service testing, is from £199 per visit. Larger areas than standard will be more and there are discounts for multiple bookings.
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Yes, both Risk Assessments and Method Statements are standard for all Purifyz clients.

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Our decontamination process uses non-toxic, non-hazardous antiviral fogging and UV light treatments that reduce germ and virus particulates by 99.999%, and are completely safe for children, pets, computers and other equipment. 

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