Fogging & UV light antiviral process

Virus & germ elimination with fogging and UV light treatment

There are two methods for eliminating germs and viruses safely from your surfaces.

The antiviral decontamination process for each is different and we have briefly outlined the procedure for each below.

Antiviral fogging

Non-toxic antiviral fog, or mist, that lightly settles on all surfaces in your premises

UV light treatment

Ultraviolet (UV) light is used to eliminate germ and virus particulates from surfaces

Surface decontamination with Antiviral Fogging

Purifyz are proud to employ Sychem CONTROL for our clients’ sanitisation requirements, the exact same antiviral and antibacterial technology that Pfizer, GSK, Medical Research Council, Public Health England, University Of Cambridge & the NHS use.

More on Sychem CONTROL in a moment, but first let’s describe our overall process for antiviral fogging in a bit more detail. 

During our antiviral sanitisation process, our equipment creates a non-toxic antiviral fog, or mist, that lightly settles on all surfaces in your premises. During a treatment we ‘fog’ indoor air as well as potential virus hotspots in your environment such as door handles, railings, light switches, sinks and other areas that people touch with their hands often.

Fogging is superior to ad-hoc cleaning as it is a much more comprehensive antiviral treatment for an area. Whereas spot cleaning may be more appropriate for smaller areas, our antiviral fogging process precisely covers all surfaces in a large area with a single pass.

As mentioned above, during the course of a Purifyz antiviral fogging treatment your Sanitisation Technician will employ Sychem CONTROL as the main detergent. 

Used by industry leaders including the NHS and TFL, Sychem CONTROL is the most effective and long-lasting detergent available on the market. Unlike lesser detergents, antiviral treatments with Sychem CONTROL stay persistent on surfaces for up to 4 weeks following application, a claim tested and approved by the HPA (Health Protection Agency). 

Not only does Sychem CONTROL immediately eliminate up to 99.99% of all surface contaminants, its unique formula enables a higher and increased level of protection to be built up on a surface over time.

Learn how TFL are using Sychem CONTROL throughout the London Underground transport system in the following video:

Whilst antiviral fogging treatments have to be incredibly effective in eliminating contaminants, they also must be incredibly safe for all involved. The antiviral decontamination chemicals in Sychem CONTROL and other agents we use are completely safe for children and pets, non-toxic and non-hazardous. We use BS EN 1276 certified non-toxic solutions in the process of fogging, which kill 99.999% of germs, thus greatly minimising the risk of viral infection. BS EN 1276 is the European standard for the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants against harmful germs, viruses, and micro-organisms such as COVID-19, MRSA, Salmonella, E. Coli, Flu Virus (H1N1), Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and others.

A consistent fogging schedule with Sychem CONTROL can serve as an ‘always-on’ preventative measure for your home or business, providing ongoing peace of mind for you and your customers that occurs with a reset of your environment on a regular basis.

Surface decontamination using ultraviolet light treatment

In conjunction with fogging, we may also recommend that ultraviolet (UV) light be used to reduce the risk of germ and virus particulates on the surfaces of your home or business.

Not to be confused with the US President’s theoretical Coronavirus cure… UV light treatment has been a long-proven method of reducing bacteria, germs and viruses on external surfaces – the effectiveness of which, unfortunately, does not extend to inside the human body.

For many years UV germicidal lamps have been trusted by hospitals, care homes and laboratories for disinfection of air and surfaces. We use a Cole-Parmer® Ultraviolet Lamp at 254nm wavelength to supplement our fogging process when necessary. For those into the science of ultraviolet light, 254 nm is a sterilization wavelength and UV light at this wavelength causes adjacent thymine molecules on DNA to dimerize; if enough of these defects accumulate on a micro-organism’s DNA, its replication is inhibited, thereby rendering it harmless.

We have that found a combination of fogging and UV light treatment, working together, is often the most effective sanitisation solution for homes, offices and facilities. However, it is very important to note that the Purifyz sanitisation process should not be thought of as a panacea. Due to the high number of internal and external factors involved, there are no guarantees that our treatments will be 100% effective against germs and bacteria. We make no claims to stop the spread of disease or potential contamination by 100%. 

Purifyz clients receive a Risk Assessment and Method Statement for all work conducted at their premises. Find out more about our end-to-end process by contacting us using the short enquiry form. When received, one of our representatives will be in touch shortly.

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Through a combination of UV light treatment and fogging together, you can rest assured that when we leave your premises our Sanitisation Technician will have eliminated any threat of infection.

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Our decontamination process uses non-toxic, non-hazardous antiviral fogging and UV light treatments that reduce germ and virus particulates by 99.999%, and are completely safe for children, pets, computers and other equipment. 

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