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Do you want to be a Super Germ-buster? 

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If the answer is yes, come join the Purifyz team! 

Right now, we are hiring Sanitisation Technician subcontractors – reliable, honest and punctual people that enjoy killing germs and viruses. 

You must be ready to join our busy team and start working as soon as possible. Applicants are required to speak good English and be authorised to work in the UK. 

We have been in the business of cleaning and sanitisation for over 30 years and will provide you with all training you require to succeed. As a subcontractor you will be responsible for leasing approved equipment from us to use in the course of your work. More details on this will be provided in the next stage of the hiring process.

It is vital you are reliable and trustworthy, with attention to detail and are OK to work with chemicals. A minimum of 6 months’ previous cleaning experience is required. 

Ready to join our team? Use the form below to give us a basic background of yourself and your experience. If you fit the profile of a Super Germ-buster or Virus VIP someone from our team will be in touch.  

Please note due to the volume of applications we receive we are not able to reply to all enquiries.

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Our decontamination process uses non-toxic, non-hazardous antiviral fogging and UV light treatments that reduce germ and virus particulates by 99.999%, and are completely safe for children, pets, computers and other equipment. 

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