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Eco Green Hand Sanitizer – Buy Best Eco Friendly Hand Sanitiser Online at Best Prices in UK

BioHygiene eco-friendly sanitiser products, are extremely efficient to provide a hygienically safe environment. This is why the 30-year old cleaning company Purifyz uses and stocks BioHygiene products. Read on to learn more about these fantastic products and the distributor.

We’ve always been aware of germs in our homes. We’ve tried to keep germs away by cleaning kitchens and bathrooms regularly. But generally, we’ve used any product from the shelf without reading the label.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us that it is not only germs we have to clean away, but that we have to sanitise our homes and workplaces as well to keep viruses away.

To sanitise, you need the best products available, like the BioHygiene products. Their naturally derived ingredients work in synergy to efficiently kill a wide spectrum of known germs and viruses.

They are approved to EN14476 for enveloped viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus. BioHygiene sanitisers attack amongst other things, proteins and DNA after they have damaged the outer membranes of the viruses’ cells.

The content in the 5-litre containers is super concentrated and can be diluted which make it very cost-effective. The 750 ml spray bottles are comfortable to use.

Purifyz also provides Sychem products like their Control Fluid Trigger Spray. This is a cleaner disinfectant where there is no need to pre-clean a surface prior to its use, saving you money. 

Contact us for more details about the BioHygiene All Purpose Sanitiser, Washroom 4D Sanitiser, and Sychem’s Control Fluid Trigger Spray.