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Sanitizer Sprays – Buy Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray , Hand Disinfectant Spray

BioHygiene sanitiser spray and Sychem Control Fluid Trigger Spray are eco-friendly products and extremely efficient and cost-effective. The spray bottle format makes it easy to clean any surface. This is why the 30-year old cleaning company Purifyz stocks BioHygiene and Sychem products.

Although we’ve always tried to keep our homes and offices germ-free, it takes something like the Covid-19 pandemic to remind us of the importance of a germ and virus free environment. Nowadays, we all are more aware of sanitising, but to do it you have to use the best products available.

The BioHygiene All Purpose Sanitiser in the 750 ml spray bottle is not only convenient to use, its ingredients efficiently kill most microbial species.

You just spray the sanitiser on all surfaces. It then causes leakage of the viruses’ cell content. The ingredients attack the cell structures, DNA and proteins. The spray prevents protein synthesis and stops energy production by the cells.

There are only naturally derived ingredients in the spray. It attacks enveloped viruses, including the coronavirus. It is available with a citrus fragrance, or you can use the unfragranced version.

Sychem’s Control Fluid Trigger Spray is ideal to keep in your offices and home for easy use. As it is a cleaner disinfectant you don’t have to pre-clean – just spray the Control Fluid once. You save time and money with the spray bottle.

Contact us for more details about the BioHygiene All Purpose Sanitiser Spray, and Sychem’s Control Fluid Trigger Spray.